The Digital Whistleblowing System

The digital whistleblowing system in a company

If you have already gained an overview of whistleblowing systems, you know that there are different designs of reporting channels. Regardless of your current level of information, the following is important: You can no longer avoid determining your current system or the system you are considering for introduction whether it is compliant with the new EU Whistleblower Directive (and, in the short term, with the German Whistleblower Protection Act). Practical experience shows that, from many points of view, a digital whistleblowing system is the most efficient and also the safest choice.  

A digital whistleblowing system is an online platform developed specifically for corporate whistleblowing. By hosting it in the cloud, whistleblowers can submit their reports from any internet-enabled device, regardless of time and location. The system is completely independent of the company’s IT infrastructure. Some providers even enable bilateral communication through real-time chat when the whistleblower and whistleblowing recipient are “online” at the same time. A mailbox allows further queries after the report has been submitted, which can be crucial for clarifying a critical incident. The whistleblower remains anonymous the entire time. 

The core functions of a digital whistleblowing system 

Anonymity for the whistleblower 

A digital whistleblowing system guarantees the anonymity and/or confidentiality of the whistleblower during the submission of the (anonymous) report as well as in the entire further communication process. The whistleblower can use this type of reporting channel to submit his or her report verbally or in writing. Ultimately, also the results of the verbal report are documented in text form and added as part of the report in the system. This can be done using manual input, voice processing programs, or artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the whistleblower has the option to upload supporting information, such as images or documents. To ensure that this information does not jeopardize the anonymity of the whistleblower, some providers offer automatic removal of the metadata during the upload. The content of the information remains unaffected.   

Process optimization in the company 

Another function of the tool facilitates cooperation with whistleblowers in the company: A digital whistleblowing system not only receives the reports, but also automatically informs the person responsible for the respective company about the receipt of a new report. The recipient can be, for example, an internal compliance officer or even an external lawyer. We already mentioned this in the previous chapter: the EU directive not only stipulates the introduction of a whistleblower system, but also the introduction of corresponding processes in the company. A digital system simplifies the compliance with these specified deadlines in your company by providing appropriate notifications on the recipient’s side.  

Time can be a decisive factor when it comes to a truly critical case. The responsible employees are then able to react quickly. As a company, you can take countermeasures and prevent worse. As an entrepreneur, one would not like to imagine it: a scandal that arises because a whistleblower goes public due to the lack of an internal reporting option or the lack of paid attention to the report? You can proactively prevent such a scenario by introducing a digital whistleblowing system. 

Complete and gapless documentation

Whistleblowing software makes it easy for your company to seamlessly log and keep track of the report, of the uploaded documents and all communication with the whistleblower. The whistleblower can also download his or her report. This ensures that both the company and the reporting person have the same and complete information.

What are the benefits of a digital whistleblowing system? 

Many advantages can be gained from the above-mentioned functions of a digital whistleblowing system. Such a system is currently the safest and most efficient solution for a policy-compliant reporting channel that potential whistleblowers in your company trust. 

  • 100% anonymity for whistleblowers
  • Communication with anonymous whistleblowers
  • 24/7 availability: from any location and at any time, as long as internet access is available.
  • Process optimisation & digitalisation of your compliance
  • Sophisticated role concepts for confidential case handling
  • Secure data encryption
  • Complete and GDPR-compliant documentation
  • Compliance with EU Whistleblower Directive, Money Laundering Act and Supply Chain Act 

With providers such as LegalTegrity, your sensitive data is stored securely in the Cloud of Deutsche Telekom. The software provider ensures that your company meets all legal requirements with the LegalTegrity whistleblowing system. You no longer need to worry about updates – even if the legal requirements change. 

If you would like to learn more about the current legal requirements and the topic of whistleblowing, please take a look at our Know-How page. 

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