LegalTegrity's digital whistleblowing system

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  • Legally compliant & international
  • Without IT implementation

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Choose one of the established providers like LegalTegrity when it comes to your organisation’s sensitive data, the protection of your employees and your compliance. We are already trusted by more than 2,000 organisations of all sizes and industries.

For companies – easy to implement:

Intuitive administration, adaptable to your processes

For whistleblowers – easy to report:

Low-threshold, intuitive reporting channel

For those responsible – simple editing:

Keep the overview

Your data – simply secure:

Protecting your sensitive data is our top priority.


Your benefits

Reduce the risk of scandals

Ensure legal conformity

Protect whistleblowers

Improve ESG balance sheet

Increase Speak Up Culture


Overview of services

From compliance experts, specifically developed for SME

User-friendly for whistleblowers and report recipients

Established partner of the SME sector

(no IT installation)

Phone reporting channel included

National particularities (regulation) incorporated Available in over 35 languages Responsive design for all devices

Automatic updates and
product releases

24/7 availability

Made & hosted in Germany
(Open Telekom Cloud)
2-factor authenticationMalware protection

Case Management & Reporting

Intelligent deadline management

Structured role concept
for de-/central administration

Customer service in German
and English

Supporting communication templates
(Best Practices)

Simple integration of external
compliance officers

Legal regulation "internal whistleblowing system“

Besides the clear benefits from internal whistleblowing in your company, there are also several legal regulations that stipulate an internal whistleblowing system:

EU Whistleblowing Directive

National laws (transposing the EU Directive)

Supply Chain Act

Anti-Money Laundering Act



How does a digital whistleblowing system work?

Step 1:

A potential whistleblower observes an incident in the company which he classifies as a legal violation.

Step 2:

The company uses LegalTegrity as a digital whistleblowing system and offers it to its employees as an internal reporting channel. The person can submit his/her observations anonymously and confidentially in writing or verbally. The metadata of uploaded additional information is deleted.

Step 3:

LegalTegrity automatically informs the employee responsible for reports or the ombudsperson about the new report. If the report recipient and the whistleblower are in the system at the same time, they can communicate with each other in real time – the whistleblower remains anonymous and important queries can be clarified.

Step 4:

With the help of legal expertise, the company decides on possible consequences – this can be done internally or by means of legal measures.

Step 5:

In the follow-up it is verified whether the matter from the report was able to be resolved.


That is why our customers trust us:


Attractive price-performance ratio

With us you get more for your money. Transparent licence prices. Ready-to-use software. No IT implementation.

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for < 50 employees



1.990 €/year

for < 1,000 employees


Upon request

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