Why we exist


Passion for integrity and innovation.

For sustainable, entrepreneurial success.

We are compliance experts, lawyers and consultants specialised in small and medium sized enterprises.

As entrepreneurs, we take responsibility and see ourselves in the role of supporting our clients in the best possible way in fulfilling their corporate responsibility.

There are a lot of unknown risks for our customers due to conscious or unconscious misconduct of employees. Such cases in particular can, under certain circumstances, pose a high risk for medium-sized companies – and might even lead to scandals threatening their existence.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a simple, reliable and a 100% secure system to meet EU requirements, avoid penalties and increase compliance in their companies.

Many of our clients do not have their own legal department – in this case we recommend using trusted advisors as recipients of reports. We will be happy to name tested, trustworthy partners for this responsible task


Meet the Team

Dr. Thomas Altenbach, CEO of LegalTegrity, compliance expert, lawyer

Dr. Thomas Altenbach


As a lawyer in international corporations and as a consultant for medium-sized companies, Thomas Altenbach has become one of the most popular compliance specialists. In numerous companies, he was able to personally experience how the introduction of a whistleblower solution helped to increase transparency and reduce breaches of law. His clients appreciate his focus on suitable, simple and implementable solutions.

Pia Michel, COO, consultant for personnel and organisational development

Pia Michel


Her work is characterised by integrity and appreciation. As a former consultant for personnel and organisational development, Pia Michel experienced the consequences of employees‘ insecurity in dealing with severe situations. Even incidents that were highly critical for the company were not reported out of fear. The whistleblower solution is a good opportunity for her to show that integrity counts in an appreciative way!

Maraja Fistanic, CMO LegalTegrity, Press contact

Maraja Fistanic, MBA


Her passion is the digitalisation of legal services and perfect customer service. Parallel to her studies of Business Administration and Digital Transformation Management, Maraja Fistanic was responsible for marketing & project initiatives in the EU for the law firm AC Tischendorf. For her, LegalTegrity is the perfect answer to the enormous legal tech potential for law firms and their medium-sized clients.

Dirk Libuda, compliance expert

Dirk Libuda

Compliance Expert

A good compliance system needs good ingredients! As a lawyer and former Chief Compliance Officer of an agile international trading company and as a consultant to medium-sized businesses, Dirk Libuda knows that systematic compliance only works if whistleblowers can use a simple solution to report violations and the company concerned then acts consistently. Do it SIMPLY. And simply DO IT.

Benjamin Folgmann, Teamleader Customer Success

Benjamin Folgmann

Customer Success

Benjamin Folgmann’s passion is to shape the sustainable success of people and organisations. As a cross-functional business partner in a dynamic FMCG group he was responsible for many interdisciplinary roles in service operations. For him, the mix of constant transformation, a high degree of automation and corporate values is a field of tension that needs to be stabilised through integrity and interaction – analogue and digitally.

Diplm.-Kauffrau Gordana McNamara, Start-Up Marketing und Vertriebsspezialistin

Gordana Mcnamara

Head of Digital Marketing & Sales

Gordana is passionate about start-ups and their scale-up. She is highly experienced in digital marketing, sales, product and business management. An entrepreneur herself, she previously held various roles, from marketing and product management to management consulting. She is interested in how digital transformation will make a difference in the world and therefore feels connected to LegalTegrity’s SaaS whistleblowing solution.

Sonja Kistenpfennig, Marketing Manager

Sonja Kistenpfennig

Marketing Manager

Her passion is marketing, she was influenced by her responsibility for accounts at Milupa and Fisherman’s Friend. Here she also realised that mutual respect, responsible behaviour and integrity are basic prerequisites for success. Being able to anonymously express what is not working correctly shows that loyalty and whistleblowing are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually supportive.

Ann-Kathrin Altenbach

Social Selling

Ann-Kathrin studies literature and cultural studies. She is passionate about copywriting, social media and team interaction, which she can fulfill in the areas of Content & CRM at LegalTegrity. Her drive is to inform about topics and products with appealing texts in order to contribute to the improvement of the corporate climate and the working environment in general.

Christian Jakob, CPO (external)

Christian W. Jakob

CPO (external)

Christian W. Jakob combines legal expertise, business thinking and IT. He is an entrepreneur with a great passion for smart data, technology and automation. In 2008, he founded his first start-up for the prevention and detection of white-collar crime and corruption in small and medium-sized companies. He is responsible for product development at LegalTegrity.

Philip Hoffmann, CTO (external)

Phillip Hoffmann

CTO (external)

His passion is value-added, scalable IT solutions for modern B2B business models and critical business processes. Phillip Hofmann sees himself as a translator between business and development. His professional and highly motivated team at P&T Software in Frankfurt ensures that our software works perfectly, that its use is as intuitive as Google and that we create sustainable competitive advantages for our customers.

Cora Schuh, Office Managerment

Cora Schuh

Office Management

Cora Schuh loves to think through processes, to fine-tune texts and to tick off to-dos. As a career changer, she enjoys the start-up dynamic and brings a great curiosity about compliance and the product. At LegalTegrity she is responsible for office management and is the official “girl for everything”.

Christian Diezel, Office Manager

Christian Diezel

Office Manager

Christian Diezel is an assistant with heart and soul. He is always on the lookout for ways to untie the administrative Gordian knot. After working for several years as a team assistant in an established company, office management at LegalTegrity is an exciting challenge for him in a start-up whose values are also close to his heart.


Our commitment in Legal & Tech

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