The digital whistleblowing solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises

Our unique platform, for anonymous and digital collaboration between your company and with internal and external whistleblowers, protects you from scandals and breaches of the law within your organization. Simply reliable.

Our unique platform, for anonymous and digital collaboration between your company and with internal and external whistleblowers, protects you from scandals and breaches of the law within your organization. Simply reliable.


A new way of whistleblower communication. Anonymous and digital.



If employees observe breaches of law, an anonymous channel enables them to inform the management without worrying about personal consequences. He thus becomes an internal whistleblower for the company.



The whistleblower reports the incident via the LegalTegrity platform by using text, voice or even chat and may add documents to the report.



The platform proactively informs the management or the responsible person of contact about the receipt of a new report. It also supports the company to comply with legal standards (e.g. seven days response time). An initial audit or internal investigation contributes to the clarification. In this phase, LegalTegrity enables a constant anonymous exchange with the whistleblower.



Based on the results of the internal audit (supported by a lawyer if necessary), the management decides on the further procedure. The whistleblower must be informed about the result within three months.



Sustainable corporate success based on active whistleblower cooperation.

As plug & play solution, LegalTegrity is immediately ready to use after booking. Without complex IT integration. The platform helps to uncover misconduct in your company: this is your chance to take countermeasures before a scandal goes public and jeopardizes your good reputation.  Your customers’ trust is maintained.

With minimum effort, you comply with the EU directive, which comes into force in 2021. Simple and reliable.

Reporting Overview

With the modular dashboard, you stay on top of the things and keep track of all incoming reports and their processing status

The importance of whistleblowing

Protect your employees.
Protect your company.

Whistleblowing is the anonymous reporting of an incident or breach of law within the company to avert potential damage to the company. In case a breach of law is made public, the trust of customers, partners and employees is damaged. The consequences can be existential, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

A simple and reliable whistleblowing solution enables your employees to take entrepreneurial responsibility in critical situations without any personal risk. This significant contribution  increases values such as integrity and transparency. Your long-term corporate success is secured.

The EU has recognized that whistleblowing for sustainable entrepreneurial success is important: In 2021 the new EU directive goes into force. Accordingly, all companies with fifty or more employees must offer their employees a whistleblowing solution that preserves the anonymity of the whistleblower. If a company does not provide such a solution, penalties similar to those of the GDPR, may be imposed.


Why LegalTegrity


Simply reliable

Highest security standards

Cybersecurity and data protection are LegalTegrity’s foundation. It is the only way to assure anonymous whistleblowing without personal consequences for the whistleblower. Certificates by TÜV und DIN ISO 27001 in progress.

Made for SMEs

LegalTegrity is the only system specifically designed for the needs and requirements of SMEs and their trusted advisors. Simply reliable.

Compliance experts

We are lawyers and trusted advisors of SMEs in Europe. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and from experience we know, what is necessary and what is not.

Made in Germany

We are situated in Germany, and we meet all standards of this highly complex and regulated market. Regproved©. We use the cloud of Deutsche Telekom.

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